Inspect, learn and improve different with source data zero-touch, zero-sent and zero-leakage

As a Stockholm-based deep tech, we develop B2B privacy-preserving data-centric AI solutions to smart manufacturing (e.g. aviation, electronics and semiconductor foundry), sustainable batteries and utilities in the Norden and the EU.


Bring Privacy-Preserving Data-centric AI-Powered
Solutions to the Hands of Many Industries

We help enterprise customers reduce inspection labour costs and energy consumption of data transfer, improve result accuracy and yield,
define and implement viable AI strategies while guaranteeing data zero-touch, zero-sent and zero-leakage in the lifecycle of manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, recycling
and AI/ML. We are working with ISO 14001.

Trusted by Others


What We Offer

1) Privacy-preserving and bespoke edge AI-driven visual inspection solutions for better and more sustainable quality control, maintenance and recycling
2) A proprietary light-weight solution to lifelong self-improvement AI systems without using (big & sensitive) source data.
3) An in-house data-centric data collection toolkit for data acquisition, data labelling and data improvements

Our products are three-folded:

Data-Centric AI Platform

* Data-centric data collection tools
* Scale- out and in easily (microservice-based)
* On-premise or PaaS or SaaS deployment support.

Lifelong AI Improvements without Source Data

* Easy to integrate edge solution
* Privacy breach-free
* Reduced data consumption (60%+).

Data-Centric AI-Powered
Visual Inspection

* Privacy-preserving/secure
* Better products and better yields
* More sustainable & cost-effective quality control (QC) & quality assurance (QA).



Identify and Detect Defects & Damages
in Highly Complicated Patterns

PCB/BGA Voids Inspection

* Highly accurate inspection results (96%) and 1.4% false negative rate
* Minimized manual data labeling effort (0% at our best)
* Probabilistic inspection results for highly complicated voids patterns.

PCB/BGA Non-Wetting Inspection

* Smaller datasets for data-centric AI development
* Augmented and synthetic data used for diversity and amount of the training data
* Automatic support for the factory floor staff and 70%+ cost saving.

Dangerous Welding Defects Inspection

Electronics Misalignment Defects Inspection

Simpler Workflow. More Secure AI-lization.

3-Click Analyze



[Source data zero-touch, zero-sent
& zero-leakage]

No Source Data. Only LinkAI Models.

Flexible Deployment. Tailored Pricing Models.

On-premise deployment

Package A

Perpetual license + Maintenance fees per user

Package B

Monthly-based subscription per user

Free-trial until satisfied

PaaS / SaaS

Package A



Package B

Monthly-based subscription per user



A non-destructive inspection of PCB/PBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) that not only discover hidden failure (under e.g. BGA) but also discover weaknesses that affect durability in the long run, will be a real step in quality. A useful advantage in our business.

An aerospace and defence company in Europe

We have many sensitive utility data belonging to individual customers cannot be shared internally.

A privacy-preserving AI solution to continuous training, improving and learning from models,
other than using sensitive data, will bring great advantages for both ourselves and our global contractors/partners

A joint venture power grids company in Europe


Our Core Team

2 Full-time, 2 part-time and 2 consultants

Dr. Yue Lou(is) Lyu
Dr. Yue Lou(is) LyuCEO & Founder
Keep moving forward with the privacy-preserving and data-centric AI, and lightning could strike!
Riccardo Romagnoli
Riccardo RomagnoliCTO & Co-Founder
Turning Ideas into Reality
Dr. Jiale Joe Zhou
Dr. Jiale Joe ZhouVP Engineering, APAC
Unlock super intelligence without source data!
Sol Grip Rösth
Sol Grip RösthMarketing Manager


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